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addCategory(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
addLogger(String, Logger) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
provide a meaningful name when adding a logger so that it can be conveniently accessed later, if necessary
allow - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
application - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
application - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
asString(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter
asString(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryMessageOnlyFormatter
asString(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryStandardFormatter
Return a reasonably formatted String that contains all the LogEntry information.


canPass(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter
Concrete subclasses should override this method, returning true if aLogEntry "passes" the filter (i.e.
canPass(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
canPass(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryPassFilter
capacity - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
categories - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
category - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
clear() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
Clear all the LogEntries
com.bitfactoryinc.logging - package com.bitfactoryinc.logging
CompositeLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger.
This class is just what it's name implies: a Composite Logger.
CompositeLogger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
copy() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
a convenience method that just calls the copy constructor
createFileWriter() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
CRITICAL - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants


date - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
dateFormat - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter
dateString(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter
DEBUG - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants
defaultFilterClass - Static variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
defaultFormatterClass - Static variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
We're past filtering at this point.
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
send the log message to contained Loggers.
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
If my capacity has been reached, remove the oldest entry.
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
doLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger


EmailLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger.
Instances of this class will send an email message when they are logged to.
EmailLogger(String, String, String) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
EmailLogger(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
enabled - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
ERROR - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants


FATAL - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants
FileLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger.
Instances of this class write out LogEntries to a file
FileLogger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
FileLogger(String) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
fileName - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
filter - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
finalize() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
finalize() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
formatter - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
from - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger


getActiveLogger() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
getApplication() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
getApplication() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
getCapacity() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
getCategories() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
getCategory() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
getDate() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
getDateFormat() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter
getDefaultFilterClass() - Static method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
getDefaultFormatterClass() - Static method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
getFileName() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
getFileWriter() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
Return a FileWriter.
getFilter() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
getFormatter() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
getFrom() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
getHostName() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
getHostName() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
getInetAddress() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
getIntervalSeconds() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
getLog() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
Return an Array of LogEntries
getLogEntries() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
getLogger() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
getLogger() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
getLogger(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
Return the Logger corresponding with aName
getLoggers() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
getMemLogger() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
getMessage() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
getOut() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
getPort() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
getPort() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
getPort() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
getPrintStream() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger
getReader() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener
getSeverity() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
getSeverityThreshold() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
Return the filter's severity threshold
getSeverityThreshold() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter
getSmtpHostName() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
getSocket() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
getSocket() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
getSocket() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
getSubject() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
getThread() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
getThread() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
getTo() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger


handleLogFailure(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
handleLogFailure(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
handleLogFailure(LogEntry, Exception) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
handleLogFailure(LogEntry, Exception) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
reset the socket and try one more time
hostName - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger


inetAddress - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
INFO - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants
InsistentLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger.
Wrap instances of this class around any other logger.
InsistentLogger(Logger, int, int) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
intervalSeconds - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
isAllow() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
isEnabled() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger


listenerClosed() - Method in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReaderReceiver
log(int, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
log(int, Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
log(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logAllTo(Logger) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
Dump all the LogEntries to aLogger
logCritical(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logCritical(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logDebug(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logDebug(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logEntries - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
LogEntry - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry.
This class encapsulates entries to Loggers.
LogEntry() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
LogEntry(int, String, Object, String) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
LogEntry(int, String, Object, String, Date) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
LogEntryCategoryFilter - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter.
Instances filter LogEntries based on their categories.
LogEntryCategoryFilter() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
LogEntryCategoryFilter(boolean) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
LogEntryFilter - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter.
Concrete subclasses of this abstract class are used by loggers to "filter" each item and decide whether or not to actually log it.
LogEntryFilter() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter
LogEntryFormatter - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter.
Concrete subclasses of this abstract class are responsible for formatting LogEntries.
LogEntryFormatter() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter
LogEntryMessageOnlyFormatter - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryMessageOnlyFormatter.
This formatter is concerned only with a LogEntry's message, ignoring all other information
LogEntryMessageOnlyFormatter() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryMessageOnlyFormatter
LogEntryPassFilter - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryPassFilter.
This filter will not do any additional filtering, but rather pass all LogEntries through.
LogEntryPassFilter() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryPassFilter
LogEntryStandardFormatter - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryStandardFormatter.
This formatter is the "standard" one that formats all LogEntry information in a reasonable way.
LogEntryStandardFormatter() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryStandardFormatter
logError(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logError(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logFatal(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logFatal(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logger - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
logger - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
Logger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger.
Concrete subclasses of this abstract class do the actual logging of information to their respective "logs." Subclasses that simply write a String to a log need only override writeToLog(String).
Logger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
loggers - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
LoggingConstants - interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants.
This class simply encapsulates some constants used by the rest of the logging package
logInfo(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logInfo(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
LogSocketReader - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.
An instance of this class will read LogEntries from a Socket, and subsequently log the LogEntries to it's logger.
LogSocketReader.Listener - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener.
LogSocketReader.Listener(int, LogSocketReaderReceiver) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener
LogSocketReader(Socket) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
The best way to create instances of this class is to use the static method StartListening
LogSocketReader(Socket, Logger) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
The best way to create instances of this class is to use the static method StartListening
logSocketReaderReceiver - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener
LogSocketReaderReceiver - interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReaderReceiver.
Implementers of this interface are sent the readReady message when a client logger has made a connection to LogSocketReader.Listener
logStatus(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logStatus(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logWarning(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
logWarning(Object, Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger


memLogger - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
MemoryLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger.
Instances of this class keep track of LogEntries in memory.
MemoryLogger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
MemoryLogger(int) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
MemoryLogger(MemoryLogger) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
This is a copy constructor.
message - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry


newConsoleLogger() - Static method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger


out - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger


port - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
port - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
port - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener
printStream - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger
PrintStreamLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger.
Instances of this class write LogEntry information to a PrintStream.
PrintStreamLogger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger
PrintStreamLogger(PrintStream) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger
processLogEntry(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader


readerClosed() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
readerReady(LogSocketReader) - Method in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReaderReceiver
when this method is sent, a connection has been made and aLogSocketReader is ready to start reading LogEntries.
removeCategory(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
removeLogger(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
resetSocket() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
resetSocket() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
run() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
run() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
run() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener


SerialLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger.
Instances of this class write out serialized LogEntries to it's OutputStream
SerialLogger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
SerialLogger(OutputStream) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
SerialSocketLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger.
Instances of this class write out serialized LogEntries to a Socket
SerialSocketLogger(String, int) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
setAllow(boolean) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
setApplication(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setApplication(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
setCapacity(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
setCategories(Collection) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryCategoryFilter
setCategory(Object) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
setDate(Date) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
setDateFormat(DateFormat) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFormatter
setDefaultFilter() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setDefaultFilterClass(Class) - Static method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setDefaultFormatter() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setDefaultFormatterClass(Class) - Static method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setEnabled(boolean) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setFileName(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
setFilter(LogEntryFilter) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setFormatter(LogEntryFormatter) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
setFrom(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
setHostName(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
setInetAddress(InetAddress) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
setIntervalSeconds(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
setLogEntries(LinkedList) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
setLogger(Logger) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
setLogger(Logger) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
setLoggers(Map) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.CompositeLogger
setMemLogger(MemoryLogger) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
setMessage(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
setOut(ObjectOutputStream) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
setOut(OutputStream) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
setPort(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
setPort(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
setPrintStream(PrintStream) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger
setSeverity(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
setSeverityThreshold(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
Set the filter's ceverity threshold
setSeverityThreshold(int) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter
setSmtpHostName(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
setSocket(Socket) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
setSocket(Socket) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
setSocket(Socket) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
setSubject(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
setThread(Thread) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
setThread(Thread) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
setTo(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
severities - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants
severity - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
severityString() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
return the string representation of the severity
severityThreshold - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter
shouldContinue() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
shouldLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
Return true if the receiver is enabled and the receiver's filter says aLogEntry should be logged
shouldLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntryFilter
This method returns true if aLogEntry should be logged according to the receiver
SimpleSocketLogger - class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger.
Instances of this class write out LogEntry information as a String to a Socket.
SimpleSocketLogger() - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
SimpleSocketLogger(InetAddress, int) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
SimpleSocketLogger(Socket) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
SimpleSocketLogger(String, int) - Constructor for class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
size() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
Return the number of LogEntries currently held
smtpHostName - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
socket - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
socket - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
socket - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
socket - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener
start() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
start() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
startListening(int, LogSocketReaderReceiver) - Static method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
Return a Listener.
STATUS - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants
stop() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
stop() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
stop() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader.Listener
subject - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger


thread - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.InsistentLogger
thread - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogSocketReader
to - Variable in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.EmailLogger
toString() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LogEntry
Return a basic String representation of me.
transferTo(Logger) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.MemoryLogger
This differs from logAllTo in that successfully logged entries are removed from me.
tryToLog(LogEntry) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialLogger
tryToResetSocket() - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SerialSocketLogger
tryToWriteToLog(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger


WARNING - Static variable in interface com.bitfactoryinc.logging.LoggingConstants
writeToLog(LogEntry, String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.SimpleSocketLogger
writeToLog(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.Logger
Subclasse can override this method if they want to simply write a String to their log.
writeToLog(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.FileLogger
Write the String to the file.
writeToLog(String) - Method in class com.bitfactoryinc.logging.PrintStreamLogger

© 2002 - Lorne Brinkman